Top 10 Influencer Marketing Campaign to get Inspired From


Influencer Marketing is one of the trending and very effective marketing methods these days. The power of Influencer Marketing has captured even the big players in the market in its net. Some of the brands influenced by Influencer Marketing are; Walmart, Microsoft, Disney, Coca-Cola, Subway, Colgate etc. In this blog, we are covering the story of small to medium scale brands which have seen limelight due to influencer marketing and also few big brands that couldn’t resist what Influencer Marketing is offering.

I have been telling about the power of Influencer Marketing, but are there any proofs to back it up? Well, there is;

81% of consumers in the US trust the information provided by influencers through various channels

61% of US consumers have made the purchase decision based on the advice of bloggers

Enough of beating around the bush, let’s get to the crux of the blog;

What is Influencer Marketing after all?

Let’s rewind to 90s and early 2000s. Those advertisements for energy drinks featuring famous cricketers, beauty products endorsed by beautiful actresses or cooking oil endorsed by beautiful models. The trend of advertising products by celebrities continues even today. If we try to understand, why brands sign up with celebrities, it is very clear for their popularity which will catch the eyeballs of consumers. Fair enough, the popularity of the brand is directly proportional to the sales of the product.

But not every brand can afford to sign up with celebrities and nowadays the influence of these celebrities has gone down, as consumers are smart enough to understand that a celebrity who is endorsing the product has no expertise or experience to do so. That is where the “Influencer Marketing” took birth.

Influencer Marketing is a kind of marketing where products are endorsed by influencers or experts in the niche of the product over various channels of the internet. These influencers have their loyal followers who consume the information provided by influencers with utmost trust and belief. These influencers aren’t stars, they are people like us who started giving useful information to viewers and gained the popularity. Some of the examples of influencers are; food bloggers, travel enthusiasts, fashion bloggers, digital marketers etc.

Top 10 Influencer Marketing Campaign

In this article, I have covered best-influencing marketing campaigns in India and some innovative influencing marketing campaigns in the world.

  1. FilterCopy & Loco

Filter Copy is a YouTube-based short video making company. The channel produces short videos which reflect the day to day life of a common man in India. The channels & its video attract a lot of eyeballs and are shared extensively across social media channels. Most of the viewers are youngsters. So it is a great opportunity for brands targeting youngsters to advertise in these videos.

The very common way is to run youtube ads during the video. But isn’t it very mainstream! Loco fits itself in the videos seamlessly. In the recent event of fathers day, filter copy published a video “Things Fathers Do”. The video had a scene where the loco app is used by the father. The plot looks so natural, you don’t feel there is a product endorsement, still Loco will achieve its object. This is one of the best Influencer Marketing campaign.

  1. Hebbars Kitchen & Kent Atta Maker

Hebbars kitchen is a very popular youtube and facebook channel. This channel publishes videos of yummy cooking recipes. With the average video length of 1-2 min, this channels has gained enormous popularity among all the cooking enthusiasts. So, it’s a great place to sell a product related to cooking. That’s what even Kent Atta Makers’ marketing team thought. They got this best Influencer Marketing campaign campaign idea. They partnered with hebbars kitchen and produced a video featuring the product. Tada! One more successful best Influencer Marketing campaign.

  1. Sarah Angius

Sarah Angius is an influencer in the field of hair care, hairstyles and makeup. Her marvelous hairstyle videos will make your jaw drop. And as you guessed, it’s a perfect place for hair care products to be endorsed. One of the recent product featured in her videos is L’oreal Elseve Extraordinary oil shampoo & conditioner.

  1. Lakshmi Sharath & Accor Hotels

Lakshmi Sharath is the no. 1 travel blogger in India. She started her blogging journey in the year 2005. Over the years she has achieved very loyal followers for her blogs who look forward to her recommendation for traveling and all the aspects related to it. Accor hotels, Delhi partnered with Lakshmi and in return, she wrote a blog article for them

  1. Mridula Dwivedi & Hard rock café

Mridula Dwivedi is yet another renowned travel blogger whose followers base is huge. On the occasion of World Hamburger Day, Mridula visited Hard Rock Café in Gurgaon and dedicate a blog article for the café. What else a café needs? A dedicated review article from a travel blogger whose fan base trusts her recommendation blindly.

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  1. Shout me loud & Blue host

Shout me loud is a community of bloggers who are internet enthusiasts started by Harsh Agarwal in 2008. This blog is extensively followed by digital markets, entrepreneurs, freelancers etc. All these followers are most probably have their own website or planning to have one. A hosting provider couldn’t get a better platform than this. Well, blue host hosting company grabbed the opportunity and offering special discounts to blog readers.

  1. H & M

H & M is a renowned clothing brand which has a huge fan following on Instagram. The brand is endorsed by many influencers including famous blogger Julie Sarinana and model Ela Velden. Julie shot for the H&M fall 2017 collection, which was loved by her so much that she endorsed it on her own Instagram account.

  1. KFC India

KFC was launching a new food product “Double Down Burger”. They were bored with just shooting one more mouthwatering video and promoting in their social media handles. They wanted something exciting. So, this is what they did.

Before the launch of the product, they collaborated with food bloggers to create curiosity by naming it as a secret burger. Interesting enough to create curiosity.


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